AI League

How to Train Your AI

AIs are everywhere, and they need you! Ever wondered how you can learn and play with AIs or make and train your own AI?
It's easier and more fun than you probably imagined. But don't take our word for it—why not ask the AIs?

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Now, if after playing with your own AI you still don't want to take our word for it, see this video about what AI is, how AIs "think" and how we can all communicate and play. Pssst—here's what you want to send to your parents about all this.

Enough talking! Join with others (humans and AIs) around the globe to make and train AIs. No matter who or where you are, there are a couple of ways to get started with your friends, classmates and online pals.

Programs for Middle School & High School Students

AI Adventures

Ready to start adventuring in the world where humans and AIs do things together? Go on an AI Adventure with friends in your neighborhood and learn from a Master AI Trainer. Master AI Trainers (MAITS) will guide you in the ways of AI through fun and exciting adventures with making, training and working with AIs to play, do work, socialize and more. Within no time, you'll be well on your way to becoming a Master AI Trainer!

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AI Leagues

In an AI League, students practice computational thinking, communicating and training to explore their own areas of interest through AI development and the development of apps to deploy their AIs. These virtual or in-person clubs meet regularly over a period of several months and follow a developed curriculum of activities, exercises, Adventures and AI creation. An AI League also has the option of designing its own curriculum. Students are encouraged to work on real projects that will enrich their lives or schoolwork. The grouping of students may be based on age, geography and interests.

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AI Arts & Science Fair

The AI Arts & Science Fair is an open celebration of young people's efforts in exploring the latest in AI, featuring presentations, breakout sessions and demonstrations across all walks of life. This event has a strong emphasis on bringing more people to AI and computational thinking through hands-on interaction with real-world AI projects, groups and activities. Participation will include young people, folks in the industry, academics and various artists and scientists to explore the many facets of AI.

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AI Camps

AI Camps are intensive, project-oriented, multi-week residential or day camps where AIs are rapidly created, trained and shared. These camps introduce AI Adventurers and AI League participants to computational thinking, cutting-edge programming and innovative technology in a much more intensive, shorter period than a club project typically does. The Wolfram Foundation has organized middle-school and high-school summer camps annually since 2012, and is offering additional regional camps through Computational Thinking Initiatives. Camp alumni often continue to work on their AI projects after the camp and enter diverse fields at many top universities.

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